Nayeebrahmin Sangam


Nayeebrahmin sagam

The word Nayee Stems from the Sanskrit root “Nay’-which means to lead –

stands for leadership.Nayee cast was one of the higher cast in India,They are

the Kshatrias who had changed their profession with their willingness or non-

Nayees acted ambassadors between the different states.They traditionally

led wedding parties or carried messages between states,kingdoms,villages

and communities.They are known for their wisdom and admiration for self

respect.They work really hard to achieve their goals and never bend in front of

any other caste,community or religion.They keep concentrating on and working

hard until they attain their goals.They are known for keeping the secrets and

following a strict disciplined life, keeping mind and their body clean,active

and physically fit. But off late they are been discriminated by majority of the

people,who are far more inferior to them socially.

The Nai are associated with the barber profession. As they did traditionally,

the Nai groom clients, such as cutting hair and nails and provide minor medical

services like extracting teeth and setting sprains right.Infact earliest surgeons,

like the ones tending to battlefield injuries.They were traditionally used as

messengers and go-betweens in delicate matters.

They abide by the teachings of BHAGWAD GITA. They also perform duties

in connection with marriage, matchmaking and celebrations. Nai women,

called ‘Naun’, are hairdressers, henna artists and midwives.

The Nai are quiet people, which is important to their trade. A large-scale

occupational change is taking place with many Nai taking up other trades and

professions in modern India.

The diet of the Nai usually consists of wheat, rice, lentil, maize and some

seasonal fruit. For those eating meat the occasional fish, mutton or chicken and

eggs are part of the menu.

The traditional extended family is still common. Sons inherit equal shares in the

family property and the eldest succeeds as head of the family. Nai women are

secondary in status to males.

The Nai community is listed as an Other Backward Class in various

regions in India. These includes:




Madhya Pradesh




Uttar Pradesh

Andra Pradesh

Tamil Nadu



The Nai is a Hindu and Sikh caste or clan originating in India. The Nai are

located throughout India.Each Indian region has a different name for the

Nai. They are called Raja in Punjab, Kuleen in Himachal Pradesh, Khawas in

Rajasthan, Sen Samaj or Napit in Haryana and Nai-Thakur or Savita Samaj in


In north India the caste is divided mainly into two endogamous subcastes:The

gole and Bhanberu.Kacchawayas or Chaddibech(was found in delhi,Haryana &

Rajasthan),Bachhas(in Delhi & Haryana),Tanwars (in Rajasthan,Haryana,Delhi

& Uttar Pradesh),Ranas in Brijwasan,Gautam in Uttar Pradesh,Maans in

Delhi,Haryana & Punjab,Dahiya&Mittalia in Haryana,Delhi,chauhan in Haryana &

Delhi,Dabas in delhi,Dalals in Delhi &Haryana,badgujar in Rajasthan,Sisodia in

Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan,Gaur,Kaushik,Vats,Vashisth in Uttar Pradesh etc.Each

of these divisions is Subdivided into numerous gotras.In Bihar, the Nayees have

the surname of thakur. In West Bengal,they mainly have Paramanik as surname.

In the state of gujrat theNai are referred by the name Valand are further divided

into clans.Nayee or Mangali in Andra Pradesh in south India.

Famous People in Nayee Caste

• Koundinya, the Great Sage.

• Mahapadma Nanda (The founder of Nanda Dynasty)

• Karpoori Thakur (Dec 1970 to June 1971) was an Indian politician from

the Bihar state.

• Bhai Sahib Singh

• Bijjalla II, the famous King of Kalachuri, in whose Court Basavanna was


• All the rulers of Kalachuri ruled the North Karnataka,

• Hadapada Appanna, the Great Sharana.

• Heera Thakur,Ex MLC

• Rameshwar Thakur, the Governor of Karnataka.

• Dr. G. Ethirajulu, the first qualified Orthopaedic surgeon in A.P.

• Saina, Nai , ethnic Marathi-speaker, wrote Abhangs devoted to Krishna

• Sachidanand, Nai, devotee of Dattatreya.

• Annavarapu Ramaswamy, who is well known violinist, at Vijayawada, AP

• Dr. Rallapati Aravind, tha first guynic doctor in naayee comunity in


• M.K.Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of Tamil nadu.

• Dayanidhi Maran, the Central Minister of Union of India.

• Veerappa Moily, the Chief Minister of Karnataka

• Madolin Srinivas, the great mandolin Player.

• Karunakaran, The Chief minister of Kerala.

• Kalanidhi Maran, Founder of SUN media network


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